The staff of the Osteoporosis Center of Atlanta is dedicated to helping people with osteoporosis find answers that make a difference. Dr. Woodson has evaluated over 20,000 people at the center, which is recognized as a regional resource for patients and their doctors seeking solutions to challenging osteoporotic issues.

While osteoporosis has no cure, treatment today is as good as a cure. It is both safe and effective and most patients do not experience any side effects. Together with legions of other clinical researchers, scientists and pharmaceutical company sponsors, Dr. Woodson spent many years developing medications for treatment of osteoporosis. He has experience using every one of these drugs and knows them in and out. He has written a summary of the indications, benefits and true harm and warnings for each in this website’s Treatment section from this perspective, and in a way meant for consumers and medical professionals to use to compare and contrast the virtues and weaknesses of each.

The present day approach to prevention of osteoporosis may surprise you. Exercise, diet, and vitamin D have become the cornerstones of prevention with drug therapy and other supplements, including calcium, being left behind! Learn about this and much more in the Prevention section of the website. Dr. Woodson provides us with an insightful discussion of these topics and addresses exercise and diet from the prospective of children, adolescents, and adults. There is a thorough discussion of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, vitamin K2 and strontium.

The center is equipped with the latest and most advanced bone density testing DXA device, the Hologic Discovery 4500A. We provide all our patients with a complete bone density assessment that includes more sites than are routinely measured. All patients also have the essential vertebral fracture assessment that includes 2 views of the thoracic and lumbar spine to test for fractures and spinal arthritis and deformity. Brenda Travis, CBDT, is our highly skilled and experienced bone densitometry technologist, having tested over 12,000 patients since beginning here in 1999. You can learn more about our equipment and the DXA skills of Brenda and Dr. Woodson in the Bone Density Testing section of the website.

If possible it’s important to find out why someone has osteoporosis. If the cause is treatable, prescribing the correct therapy halts that reason for future bone loss and improves the patient’s response to osteoporosis therapy. In the Lab Evaluation section of the website Dr. Woodson explains his laboratory testing strategy.

In the Causes and Consequences section you will find an encyclopedic listing of most of the causes of osteoporosis. There are short essays written about each one that discuss how the disease interacts with the bone and mineral system resulting in osteoporosis. In the autoimmune disease section there are links between this site and Wikipedia for each of these diseases that focus on the disease itself, not osteoporosis specifically.

In the Skeletal Cycles section is a discussion on normal bone modeling during childhood, reaching peak bone mass as a young adult and the replacement of bone modeling with remodeling. Having an understanding of normal skeletal physiology helps people understand how best to take an active role in the recovery of their bone health and its conservation.