Osteoporosis is a bone weakening disease effecting one out of three Atlanta women over the age of 50.  Most people affected with osteoporosis don’t even know it until they break a bone.  There are 4 women with osteoporosis for every man with the condition.  Fortunately there are currently an array of diagnostic tools and treatment options available that allow us to successfully treat as well as prevent osteoporosis in most patients. For instance, Forteo® allows us to stimulate the growth of healthy new bone in people with osteoporosis. For some with osteoporosis, this treatment is so effective it leads to a virtual cure. Prolia®, the most recent arrow in our quill against osteoporosis is also available at our center for those at high risk for fracture from this disease.


Known as the silent thief, osteoporosis is usually present for many years with no symptoms.  All the while, bone is getting weaker slowly.  During this time, a bone density test can reliably identify the thief in time to catch it.

Grattan Woodson, M.D. FACP is our center’s medical director and is a nationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.  Dr. Woodson’s research work has contributed to the approval of most of the drugs indicated by the U.S. FDA for the treatment and prevention osteoporosis today.  He is the principal or contributing author on numerous scientific articles covering different aspects of the treatment or diagnosis of osteoporosis published in leading peer reviewed research journals.  Dr. Woodson interprets all the bone density tests performed at our center and conducts our osteoporosis consultations.  He also provides continuing medical services to the patients treated here at the center and is responsible for referring patients to an appropriate outside treating physician or surgeon when necessary.

Medical evaluation is essential in everyone diagnosed with osteoporosis based on a bone density test or when a fracture typical of the disease has occurred (hip, spine or wrist).  The purpose of a careful osteoporosis evaluation is to identify unsuspected conditions that cause bone loss and determine the effect that known conditions are having on the rate of bone loss.  Once known, appropriate therapeutic action directed at these other conditions can be taken to lessen their impact on the skeleton.  At the Osteoporosis Testing Center, every person is provided with a thorough and comprehensive assessment of his or her bone disorder before a diagnosis is made or treatment is recommended.

Bone density testing has revolutionized the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis. DXA technology allows us to detect early bone loss.  The Hologic Delphi 4500A densitometer shows us how much bone is present at important skeletal sites before fractures occur. In every patient we test all the fracture prone sites including the wrist, spine, hip as well as the whole body. Studies show that the lower the bone density T-Score in these key areas, the higher the risk for fracture.  Bone density testing also allows us to follow a patient’s response to treatment in an objective way. We follow this practice because having a more comprehensive appraisal of a person’s bone density provides us with greater insight into their bone health.

Body Composition Analysis by DXA is the gold standard method of directly measuring the quantity of fat, muscle, and bone mass within the body as a whole. All people having DXA bone density testing at our center are provided with a comprehensive site-specific evaluation of his or her body composition.

Biochemical evaluation of the people with osteoporosis is used to exclude common causes of the bone loss such as thyroid disease, hormones, kidney or liver disease, and mineral malabsorption in the intestine or excessive loss from the kidney.   A series of simple blood and urine tests are used to get an indication if any of the common causes of bone disease is present.  If theses initial tests suggest an underlying disorder, further testing to confirm or refute its presence may be needed.

Failure to Respond to usually effective therapy is a common cause for patient consultation at the Osteoporosis Testing Center.

Osteonecrosis of the Jaw and Atypical Femoral Fractures are serious complications of osteoporosis therapy.  At the OTC we offer expertise in the management of these conditions.

Fracture Non-Unions and Lose Knee or Hip Prosthesis’ are areas of specific treatment interest here at our center.  We provide medical evaluation and management for those with these rare orthopedic conditions.

Medical Drug Therapy to speed healing time after fractures due to any cause is available at our center.  We use the latest medical methods for treatment of vertebral and pelvic fracture that reduce pain and speed healing. 

Vertebroplasty is a surgical procedure available to internally stabilize the fractured vertebra by the injection of skeletal cement into the broken bone.  We refer people for this procedure in need of immediate pain relief from an acute vertebral fracture confirmed by a Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) spine scan. 

Hyperparathyroidism, Hypercalcemia, and Kidney Stones, are metabolic disorders seen in association with osteoporosis that we commonly manage at the center.

Rescue Therapy for those who have failed to respond to conventional treatments for osteoporosis is available at our center.  Patients appropriate for this investigational treatment must meet specific requirements to qualify for Coherence Therapy (ADFR).  These include being at high risk for fracture; the failure to respond to U.S. FDA approved conventional drug treatments, and no contraindications to the use of Forteo® or Prolia®. 

Nutrition Counseling is provided at the center by our staff. Often, changes in diet or use of mineral or vitamin supplements can be of significant help in treating or preventing osteoporosis.  Our staff is skilled in helping patients adopt appropriate nutrition habits designed to build healthy bone.

Exercise therapy is provided to center patients by our associate, Philippe Lecoin at Go Gym who excels in providing appropriate exercise advice to patients with symptomatic osteoporosis.  He is also skilled in advising patients on preventive exercise routines to help keep the skeleton healthy and avoid fractures.

Insurance Coverage We are providers for most of the major Atlanta PPO insurance networks and Medicare. Please call us to see if we are a provider for your plan.

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